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UCOSP QUARRY (PTY) LTD is a level 2 contributor - BEE Procurement Recognition Level - 125%

UCOSP Quarry (Pty) Ltd is a subsidiary Company of UCOSP. The business is situated adjacent to the KwaMsane area and is approximately 3 km from the N2 national road. The staff compliment comprises approximately 50 employees most of whom live in the surrounding area.

Operations include:

Blockyard – an automated VB4 machine where the focus is currently on the production of M140 cement blocks (approximately 20 000 per day), for utilization in housing developments. Other products, as indicated in the price list, are also available or are manufactured on order.

Stone - stone is mined and crushed on the property and is sold mainly into the local building and construction industry. Crusher dust, a byproduct of the crushing operation is a core ingredient in the block manufacturing process.

Sand – sand, sourced from an independent supplier in the vicinity, is used in the block manufacturing process and is also sold to the local building and construction industry.
Gravel – gravel is mined on the property and is utilized mainly for the maintenance of the company’s road network on the Umfolozi Flats or is sold to outside parties for road construction and other civil engineering applications.



Johnathan Job - 083 845 1339 or Alex Roode - 035-5511819

13mm stone *¹    
19mm stone *¹    
Stone crush(G2) *¹    
Stone / gravel crush (G5)*¹      
Shot Rock*¹    
Blast Rock*¹    
Pallets (per pallet)  

Gravel (G7)*²      
Gravel royalty (G7)*²      
Gravel royalty (G9)*²      

Bricks / Blocks          
Brick - Solid 220mm x 105mm x70mm 52 /m3      
Block - M90   (on order) 220mm x 105mm x70mm 12 /m3      
Block - M140 220mm x 105mm x70mm 12 /m3      
Transport rates;     Kindly contact the office for a quote.

Payment terms:

# Cash customers: EFT confirmation prior to collection / delivery
# 30 day credit facilities: regular Customers with guaranteed payment terms.

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